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Photoshop Journals [entries|friends|calendar]
Pouring Out Our Souls With A Click Of The Mouse

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seeing as this community is deaddd [6-5-07 at 8pm]

and i was really interested ( a year late lmfao )
i remade it!

please join!
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[5-19-06 at 1pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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my application [12-28-05 at 8pm]

Name: Misbah
Age: 15
Location: Texas
Programs used: Photoshop 7 and PaintShop Pro 8
Any training as a graphic designer: not really, im a beginner. i've just been playin` around with psp and such.
Photo of yourself: my icon, default picture on lj, check it out :]
examples of your work:

I just recently learned to blend with textures so i've been practicing that but yea.
comments would be appreciated!
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MOD// [12-20-05 at 6pm]

In the backseatCollapse )
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Application. [12-17-05 at 4pm]

sup.Collapse )

Just heard about this community last night. Haven't really been making journal-centric things on Photoshop. Well, I have, a couple of years ago; they're just not very good. O_O I hope to be able to soon, though. Sounds wonderful. :)
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blah. [12-16-05 at 9pm]

I've been working with ps again lately.Collapse )
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[12-14-05 at 5pm]


applicationCollapse )

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farewell [12-3-05 at 12am]

this is according to what was posted as the bi-weekly theme, "how to forget."
my little interpretation:

100% @ deviantart

the picture is crossed out because i realized if i posted this anywhere, any one of the people i know will figure out what i've worked so hard to conceal in a second.
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[11-28-05 at 9am]

[ mood | calm ]

a little something i did on a snowy morning
and yes, i am a big Chayan Khoi fan!

The New ArticCollapse )

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photoshop journal [11-24-05 at 3pm]

done for illustraition friday. click to enlarge.

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Ah School and life is finally slowing down. [11-24-05 at 8am]


Photoshop on a Snowy Day. The Tatoo says Art is Long, But Life Is short.
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[10-30-05 at 10pm]

[ mood | calm ]

aloha! my application..Collapse )

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[10-22-05 at 2am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i dont know if that counts as a journal page...
but i made it and i might print it out small and use it...
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Wooohooo [10-11-05 at 3pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

This First Bi-Weekly Theme For Photoshop_jrnls is
How To Forget

Dancing In The RainCollapse )
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[10-11-05 at 1am]

one more.
photoshop style.Collapse )

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[10-11-05 at 12am]

one new page.

these are a few of my favourite things.Collapse )

dan glenn = model
lyrics = Pixies - "where is my mind?"
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application :] [10-10-05 at 2pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Read more...Collapse )

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Mod Post [10-9-05 at 12pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Hey everyone, It's me again.

I was wondering if the idea of community challenges would intrest you, maybe an inspiration of the week or something?

lostCollapse )

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::MOD POST:: [10-8-05 at 8pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

no matter how much you love someone.Collapse )

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app [10-6-05 at 10pm]
ApplicationCollapse )
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